April 29, 2010

Friends and Friends of Friends compilation

Baltimore label Friends Records has released its first ever compilation, Friends and Friends of Friends. You can grab it now free digitally and then order the limitted cassette copy, out sometime in May. The album features a multitude of young talent like Everybody Taste favorites Lands & Peoples, the ridiculously dreamy pop of Moss of Aura, and the captivating and catchy crunch of Lonnie Walker.

Lonnie Walker - "Feels Like Right"

Lonnie Walker

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  1. It may be a year or two for Lonnie Walker to catch on but trust me, as a North Carolinian who has seen them live twice [and been blow out of the water at both shows] they will break through the blogosphere. Whenever their next CD is made and released, it will pelt you with rigid, beautiful, rock greatness.