Live Show

July 7, 2015

Went to a live music venue recently. This new place that was really hidden away in a dingy part of the city, i was down a loading bay where trucks pull in and out of and the only way you new anything was there was the tiny little neon sign that said “BAR”. A mate of mine had heard of it a week prio and we decided to check it out, apparently they had acts on every night, mostly rock/punk stuff and up and comers that needed a place to play. We walked in and had to climb down a flight of stairs quite a way before we entered the bar proper, but it was well worth it.

The place was decked out in this strange mish-mash of historical period styles. There were baseball posters and whiskey signs next to large Victorian style chairs. Apparently all the fittings were for sale as they tried to rotate the stuff that decorated the place each month. My mate was eyeing off a particularly extravagant candelabra and eventually he decided to haggle down the manager to a good price.

Then we watched the act, it was pretty great. They were these punk rockers without the distortion and drums. All acoustic guitars and percussion, really made the sound raw and emotional. They screamed out a few songs before we realised it was a bit too crowded for my mate and I to have a good chat, so we ventured off down the road to another bar. The great thing about where I live is that everything is in walking distance, and to be honest, I like the walk more than I like the destination.

Ferris Wheels and Milkshakes

July 6, 2015

The other night my family and I went for a trip into the city. My son was extremely keen on getting a really good milkshake, so we started walking down the cafe area to find a place. It was a really busy night in the city, it seemed like everyone and their dog was out for a stroll. Later we learned that there was soe sort of wine event on that apparently attracts a lot of attention from the public. People were swirling wine in their mouths and spitting it into pewter buckets for hours. You’d think that they’d eventually just start drinking it, it might make the dullness of such an event a bit more bearable.

So we kept walking and we decided that we shold go on the ferris wheel in the middle of our city, it’s one of those things that everyone who lives here knows its there but never actually has been on it. We decided we should give it a go, at least once. So we jumped on the thing, it’s probably 70 feet high at it’s tallest point and we started the (very) slow ascent to the top to see the view. Admittedly, the view was spectacular, it’s not that often that I get to see the place where I live look so pretty. After checking out the view for a while we slowly rotated toward the base of the ferris wheel and paid our ridiculous ferris wheel fee and continued our search for a milkshake. Eventually we found one and my son was finally satisfied with the night.



June 15, 2015

So we’re decorating. The last few weeks have been really hectic for my wife and I, we’ve been redoing our outdoor area where we want to have barbecues and stuff. I begrudginly went along shopping for different homewares and outdoor decorating supplies with my wife, but I actually ending up having quite a good time. We spent the whole day jumping from shop to shop trying to find unique little things we can use to spice up the place. The first place we stopped was this small op-shop, a sort’ve charity place where they sold all manner of pre-loved things. Lot’s o knick-knacks and tchotchkies from years gone by, it smelt a bit funny but my wife insisted that we stay until she had scoured the entire place searching for something that she wouldn’t know until she saw it. Gladly, it wasn’t too large of a stall and we headed off to our next destination within half an hour.

The next place we went was much more my speed, an actual store with new things. They sold all sorts of very creative versions of common decorative items. There were these lovely wind chimes that I ended up buying, they were made of such a nice wood that I couldn’t resist. The last shop we went to before calling it a day and grabbing a coffee was a little family run store that specialised in cuckoo clocks. They had all types of these marvelous contraptions that all seemed to be slightly off time, so the shop was very loud every hour. They were a little out of our price range but we ended up buying one of the smaller ones for our living area.

After the cuckoo shop we decided that we needed some R & R so we grabbed a coffe at my favourite place and headed on home.

Catholic Grandma

April 10, 2015

My son and I went to his grandmothers house this weekend, we try to visit her once or twice a month, she lives a fair way away so we can’t go too often. Her house is a big old rickety thing, it’s on stilts and it looks like it’s going to fall over any day now. My mother is quite a religious person, she’s a very devout Catholic. We go to church at least once a month with her and it’s always a really nice experience. She’s decorated her house with a lot of Catholic things, crucifixes and images of Christ. She’s very disciplined about praying 4 times a day and recommends that we all use rosary beads when praying so that we can be closer to God. She grew up in an orphanage and was raised by nuns, she says this was a very good experience and that the nuns were never as severe as many make them out to be. This upbringing instilled in her very strong pull towards Catholicism and the church, she’s even travelled to Italy twice to visit the Vatican!

She told us about the first time she stepped into St. Peters cathedral she couldn’t keep from crying, she said she’d never seen anything so breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve been to Vatican City myself and I have to agree that the cathedral there is something that cannot be described in writing. Anyway we stayed at her house for the night, she cooked a nice dinner for us and we went to church in the morning and took communion. Overall it was a really great weekend.